Gunakan Hak Suaramu dengan Hati Nurani di Pesta Demokrasi 2019 #PilihShopee

biem.co – This year’s party for democracy will soon arrive in a matter of days. On April 17, 2019, Indonesian people will choose leaders who have been chosen from their conscience. The public’s interest in the democratic party is getting higher. This has been seen from their chat about the election. Since the beginning of the campaign until this moment, chat about elections has remained on the trending topic of social media. Uniquely, one of Indonesia’s e-commerce giants, Shopee Indonesia, also enlivened the democratic party through its campaign called #PilihShopee.

This campaign invites Indonesians to elect the President and members of the Legislature, as well as their flagship shopping platform. What’s more, one of Indonesia’s most famous artists celebrating this campaign, Prilly Latuconsina, the Indonesian Shopee Brand Ambassador , invited Indonesians to ensure the right choice and ensure that shopee is an online shopping platform that can be relied upon to provide certainty when shopping.

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Shopee as the biggest online shopping platform managed to make various promos to celebrate the democratic party which began on 1-17 April 2019. For those of you who are often given false hopes when shopping online , Shopee is now ready to bring a variety of certainty, so you don’t need to worry anymore. For this promo, that is, Free postage with a minimum expenditure of Rp. 19 thousand, Cashback up to Rp. 190 thousand and those who will not miss out are all Rp. 10,000 promos.

The news again, shopee issued a new breakthrough through scanning games on April 17. This promo is very special for those of you who have voiced suffrage in the nearest polling station, you can directly scan the finger that has been covered in ink through the Shopee application. Fantastic prizes are ready for you to enjoy only this time!

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Tidak hanya ada scanning game saja, Shopee juga akan membagikan iPhone XR secara gratis bagi kamu yang beruntung. Bagaimana caranya untuk mendapatkan ponsel ini? Caranya kamu cukup ikut kompetisi #PilihShopee di sosial media seperti, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram! Upload foto selfie terbaik yang kamu punya dan dengan simbol 1 jari kalau pilihannya #HadiahJagoan1 untuk iPhone XR berwarna merah, atau simbol 2 jari kalau pilihannya #HadiahJagoan2 untuk iPhone berwarna kuning. Sangat mudah bukan?

The #PilihShopee competition managed to make netizens crowded to celebrate on social media. community cohesiveness towards this event was so high. This can be seen from April 8 alone that 260 thousand photos have been uploaded to attend this event . Not only netizens, the top artists also participated in this democratic party, for example, Gisella Anastasia, Jessica Iskandar, Ifan Seventeen, and Rizky Alatas participated in this year’s party.

Let’s wait, don’t waste this event to win a prize from Shopee . Trust your choice with # 2019 Choose Shop and remember that no one is abstaining, huh!

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